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      1. Project Case


        • Aerospace Engineering Steel
        • Power Engineering Steel
        • Shipbuilding and Marine
        • Boiler and Pressure Vessel
        • Automotive Steel
        • Bridge Steel
        • Pipeline Steel
        • Railway Steel
        • Steel Used For Food Can
        • Construction Steel
        • Equipment Manufacturing
        • Home Appliance Steel

        Aerospace Engineering Steel

        High strength, toughness and super-thick alloy steel plate is widely used in important basic supporting construction projects such as for large aircraft.


        Power Engineering Steel

        High-grade nuclear power steel used for Qinshan and Ling Ao nuclear power plant construction etc.; Super-thick plate used in the construction of the domestic and foreign key hydropower stations for the Three Gorges project, the Portuguese FRADES, etc.;

        Series of wind power generation steel used in the construction of wind power projects in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia;

        Germany marine wind power.


        Shipbuilding and Marine

        Series marine engineering steel and high-strength ship plate were produced for the main hull, floor, pile boots, spud legs, gear rack, semicircular plate and hull structure, marine machinery of offshore drilling platform and oil production platform. Racks and semicircular plate have been used for deep-sea platform legs produced by Blue Island Offshore, 215 mm thick rack steel were used to construct ultra-deep drilling vessel “Dalian Pioneer”.


        Boiler and Pressure Vessel

        The hydrogen Atmosphere Cr-Mo steel, wet H2S corrosion resistance steel, large oil storage tank and high-strength welding crack-free spherical tank steel etc. have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, nuclear power, boilers and other industries. 256 mm thick and 56 tons single weight of 12Cr2Mo1 has been used for LS Petroleum oil refining equipment; 132 mm thick SA387Gr11 has been used to product Fischer-Tropsch coal-to-oil reactor; thick boiler drum plate were used to manufacture 600,000 tons of supercritical drum in Dongfang Boiler Factory.


        Automotive Steel

        With a full vehicle steel supply capacity, super-high strength steel, wheel steel, ultra-deep drawing steel, high surface quality steel, high-performance bearing steel, gear steel, spring steel, non-quenched and tempered steels have been used by many well-known automobile manufacturers such as FAW, SAIC, Toyota, North-Benz, Caterpillar, etc.


        Bridge Steel

        Series of bridge steel have been applied to more than 50 domestic and abroad bridges, such as Sutong Yangtze River Bridge which span of the cable-stayed bridge is 1104 m, Chaotianmen Bridge which is "the world's first bridge", Zhengzhou Yellow River railway-highway bridge which is the world's longest, Lupu Bridge which is known as "the Century Rainbow".


        Pipeline Steel

        Series of pipeline steel with wide-heavy plate and hot-rolled coil were used in West-East NG Transmission Project, Pipeline from Sichuan to East, West Three Line and other key projects. In which 22 mm thick X80 pipeline steel was successfully used into national major pipeline projects, and became quality suppliers.


        Railway Steel

        The group is one of the five hundred heavy rail production Enterprises; its 60Kg/m U71Mn was used in the passenger section of the Beijing-Kowloon Railway and 60Kg/m U75V in the  freight section of the Jingshan Railway. Besides, Railway Elastic spring steel production and sales are among the best level in China.


        Steel Used For Food Can

        Tin plate (MR steel) products were used in beverage cans, milk cans, food cans, aerosol cans and others.


        Construction Steel

        "Wuyang", "Yanshan" brand products were widely used in the Olympic project, the Three Gorges Project, CCTV new building, the Shanghai Tower, Beijing Capital International Airport, and many other projects.


        Equipment Manufacturing

        Series of high-strength steel and wear-resistant steel were mainly used for overflow type ball mill, shield tunneling machine, large mobile cranes, crawler cranes, scraper conveyor and other construction machinery.


        Home Appliance Steel

        Series of galvanizing strip, color coating sheet and other high-grade home appliance sheet were successfully used in air conditioners, washing machines, freezers, refrigerators and other well-known brand appliances.


        Project Case

        • Aerospace engineer

        • Home appliance ste

        • Equipment manufact

        • Equipment manufact

        • Equipment manufact

        • Construction Steel

        The products are widely used in many key national economy areas, such as aerospace, marine engineering, the power engineerings of the Three Gorges project and power transmission from west to east, ect.; important traffic trunks of the capital airport, Beijing-Shanghai express railway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen expressway ect., bridges of the Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macao Bridge and San Francisco Bay Bridge, Beijing the Olympic "bird's nest", the Expo China Pavilion, West-East NG Transmission Project,, West Three Lines, ect.; large machineries of shield machine and other large machineries; and home appliances of air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.