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      1. HBIS Leasing-HBIS Group

        Hesteel Leasing

        Hesteel Leasing, as an important part of the group’s financial unit, isfounded in February 2016 in Tianjin Free Trade Zone. Focusing on several fields such as ferrous metal smelting, high-end equipment manufacture, energy conversation and environmental protection, health care, and new energy, Hesteel Leasing not only provides financial leasing, operating leasing andcross-border leasing,but also develops leveraged leasing, trust leasing, joint leasing and many other different form of domestic and foreign currency financial products and services.In line with the trend of the industry, Hesteel Leasing devotes itself to large-scale, integrated and differentiated development path. Benefiting from the facilitate policy of Tianjin FTZ, Hesteel Leasing takes full advantages of itself and other resources to further enhance the capability of fund raising, risk management and business operation so as to provide captital-centered “one-stop” solution to our customers. With professional and innovative services, Hesteel Leasing will strive to become the top-ranking comprehensive financial leasing service provider in the industry.