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      1. HBIS Factoring-HBIS Group

        Hesteel Factoring

        Hesteel Factoring, as an important part of the group’s financial unit, is founded in February 2016 in Tianjin Free Trade Zone. Hesteel Factoring is set up to meet the trade and service liquidity capital need of the industrial chain between upstream and downstream enterprises and to provide supply chain financial services like factoring. Its business scope includes providing trade financing by transferingaccount receivables, paying, settling, managing and collecting account receivables, sales of household (classification) account management, investigating and evaluating customer credit and offering other consulting services granted by laws and regulations.The company providesfeasibleoperatingsolutions and services to the partners of the industrial chain to help them to exploit their potential capability, accelerat the capital turnover so as to reduce the pressure of their liability. In the future, Hesteel Factoring is willing to share industrial opportunities and achieve win-win development together with the partners.