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      1. Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

        HBIS GPa Class High Strength Steel Winning Market

        HBIS has delivered over 1000tons of Designated HG980 GPa Class high strength steel to a client in Northern China to manufacture heavy truck parts. In the first six months of the year, HBIS sold more than 32800tons of GPa steel to automakers in including Geely Auto, Dongfeng Motor and BYD Auto. 

        GPa high strength steel owns a no less than 1000MPa tensile strength  and it is the technology high ground of steel industry. It is a major way to lower energy consumption and improve the safety features of automobiles. GPa Class today is still a challenge to the industry in R&D, mass production and applications.  

        Focusing on market and products, HBIS has been working hard on high end demands. With is renowned automaker and auto part manufacture partners, HBIS is developing GPa steel to upgrade its capabilities. Taking full advantages of its globalized R&D platform, the group has successfully developed the technologies and production procedures of manufacturing dual phase steel, low alloy high strength (800Mpa) steel, complex phase steel, Q&P steel, martensitic steel and owns the capability of mass production. The HBIS project of The High Hydrogen Cooling and Water Quenching Procedures in GPa Steel Technologies and Applications has been praise by the expert committee of Hebei Provincial Science & Technology Department, with a comment of World Leading Technology.