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      1. Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

        HBIS & CIMC Signed A Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement

        December 26, HBIS and China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd.(CIMC) signed a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Shenzhen. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met CIMC CEO & President Mai Boliang to deepen their coopeartion and witnessed the signature of the agreement. HBIS Vice President & Cheif Technology Officer Wang Xindong, CIMC Vice President Huang Huatian signed the agreement. 

        Yu Yong said HBIS was in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, which owned huge volume, complete industrial chain and great resources. CIMC is in Pearl River Delta Economic Zone and owns advantages in management, technology and innovation. Over their location, strategic orientation and development goal, the two groups are highly coordinative to make a complementary development to fully benefit from their own resources and potential. The cooperation is far more than a steel material supplier and container manufacturer. A deepened, strategic and coordinated development will be the ultimate goal. HBIS will fully understand CIMC business sectors and take full advantages of CIMC resources. By making CIMC products more competative, HBIS could contribute more to improve their position along the industrial chain. 

        Mai Boliang said steel was definitely THE raw material of CIMC. Once, all container materials were foreign products. And now, all 100% of container materils are domestically made. Over the decades, CIMC has been dedicated to make world’s champion containers, especially ocean engineering equipment and weight reduction of vechicles. CIMC is willing to strengthen its R&D with HBIS to develop new products to fundamentally enhance their competitiveness in the market. The Comprehensive Strategic Coopeartion Agreement will be a milestone to both of the groups. In the future, they will strengthen high level communications and identify more joint ventures. With their own advantages, they will implement more projects to achieve more successes.

        With the principle of Mutually willing, win-win, complementary and coordinated development, the parties will utilize their own leading resources and carry out comprehensive and all level cooperation to face challenges in world market. They will widen the trade and provide designated steel and other material solution packages. They will jointly develop new products and technologies and provide diferentiated  services to the markets. With their existing logistic facilities, they will explore and deepen their logistic coopeartion. In their strategic development, the parties will actively look for M&A projects. They will carry out material cooperation in enterprise culture and management, new industry and new businesses, information sharing and new product promotion.   

        Before the signature of the agreement, accompaied by Mr.Huang Tianhua, HBIS visited the CIMC exhibition hall and watched the promotion videos of the two groups. They also discussed to implement the joint ventures, including Steel supply chain cooperation, coke oven gas and logistic cooperation.