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      1. Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

        HBIS Presenting 2019 Annual People Award

        December 19, HBIS Group Presented its 2019 Annual People Award in Shijiazhuang headquarter. To recall the excellent performance of 2019, HBIS presented one Special Honor Award, and 11 Annual Top Team(Person) awards to encourage leading working teams and promote the New HBIS to the world in 2020. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, President & Vice Chairman Peng Zhaofeng and other top executives presented the awards to the winners.

        HBIS decides to setup the HBIS Annual People Award this year to promote the teams and persons who make extraordinary comtributions in the year.

        Besides HBIS leading executives, group subsidiary executives, overseas company executives and employee representatives, HBIS Supervisor and HBIS Chief executives, more than 500 people particiapted the event.

        To look back at the accomplishment and gether new momentum, the scene of the rally is stunning with the golden group LOGO on stage and amazing music. With the counting seconds, a video named of Innovation Making Everying Possible, presented all the major events of the year 2019. Every image of the video shows the hard work and footprint of HBIS people, every single word shows their hearts of making contributions with steel. 

        This year, the group presented one Special Honor Award and 11 Annual Top Teams(Peron) Awards. Raw Model of Era -- HBIS Serbian Executive Management Team wins the Special Honor Award; HBIS Hengda New Energy Automobile Sales Service Team wins Top Sales Team award, SAIC Client Manager Xujie wins Top Client Manager Award, HBIS Tangsteel & Research Institute New Zinc & Al & Mg corrosion-resistant coating series development team wins the Top Developing Team, HBIS Chengsteel Plate & Strap Department wins the Top Markting Award, HBIS International Trade Company wins the Top Profit Team, HBIS Tangsteel Middle Thickness Plate Company wins the Top Business Team Award, HBIS Finance wins Top Innovation Team Award, HBIS PMC wins the Top Overseas Business Team Award, HBIS Duferco High Carbon Development Supervisor Dereck Michrini wins the Top Overseas Employee Award, HBIS Xuansteel Continuous Casting Maintainence Group Manager Yang Gaozhan wins the Top Craftsman Award, HBIS poverty relief team in Beipu Villiage Laiyuan County wins the Top Poverty Relief Award. Other 17 teams and people win Annual Top Team(Person) Participating Awards. All the award winning teams and persons were selected from the participants recommended by the nominate commettee and awarded by HBIS Management team.