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      1. Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

        HBIS Holding 2019 Industrial Chain Development Form and Top 100 Enterprise Executives Visiting HBIS In Tangshan?



        October 25, the 2019 Industrial Chain Development Form and Top 100 Enterprise Executives Visiting HBIS Event, hosted by CMIF and jointly held by HBIS and MEI.net, was held in Tangshan. WSA and HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, CMIF Chairman Wang Ruixiang delivered their speeches. Chinese Top 100 Machinery enterprises, Top 30 Automobile manufacturers, household electric appliance enterprises and HBIS strategic parnters sent their executives to the event and discussed to strengthen their cooperation. They explored a new win-win operation mechanism in the industrial chain and share the fruit of development. They will push the high quality economic development forward and make the Chinese economy stronger.

        HBIS Vice President Wang Xindong, Wang Yaobin attend the forum. CMIF Vice Chairman Song Xiaogang, MIIC Deputy Director and MEI.net President Shen Bo hosted the sessions in the morning and after respectively.

        Yu Yong said that Machinery was the heart of modern industry and the fundamental capability supporting the economy. Steel is the most applied material for industries and basic element for the industrilization. In the great endeavor of the New People’s Republic standing up, getting rich and getting stronger, machinery and steel industry are innovating, upgrading and charging to  high end  industrial chains. They jointly build the backbone of the Republic and make it tough. 

        Yu Yong briefly introduced the performance of HBIS in the past several years. He said in a more prosperous modern world, the ultimate competition between the enterprises was about business channels, the comptition between coordinated industrial chains. While seekin high end clients, HBIS is working hard to improve the R&D and services for end users.HBIS is going beyond the traditional trading approach and building new relations with its clients, including technology cooperation, service, financing and M&A. Sharing platforms and interest communities are being made. Besides reliable business channels, HBIS is able to provide better and high end materials and services to its downstream clients. 

        Yu Yong said steel industry and machinery were tightly connected upstream and downstream parters that needed stronger communications and mergered development. CMIF member companies are representing the high end capabilities of Chinese manufacuturing industry. HBIS dedicated to a seamless cooperation with the industry and provide ever improving steel materials and services. Through the platform, the industries will share the resources, merger deeper and make a complementary and coordinated development. This forum will allow HBIS to have a precise understanding of the industry and explore new win-win cooperation mechanisms. The forum will enble steel industry share their innovation with automobile, electric household appliance and engineering equipment industry and jointly push the upgrade and high quality development foward. 

        Wang Ruixiang said the Chinese industry was following the principle of“Consolidating, Strengthening, Improving and Connectivity”of central government to improve its basic element and modernization of industrial chains. It is a key solution to correct the weakness in Chinese manufacturing and upgrade its industrial chain.It will enable Chinese indudstry to cope the challenges in the global industrial chain and safeguard economic security of the country. Machinery manufacturing and steel industry are the fundamental and strategic industries of the country and upstream and downstream partners. CMIF has been attaching great importance to the coopeartion between machinery manufacturing and steel industry and joinly holding this forum to thoroughly implement great resolve and insight of the CCP. We are launching a new cooperation to enhance the reform and upgrade of the two industries.   

        Discussing the merger of machinery and steel industry, Mr.Wang Ruixiang said the first step was to strengthen their strategic dialogue and strategic vision, thinking and fully understand the global industrial chain challenges. The merger of industrial chain must be studies on the state level and implemented in the overall structural reform and upgrade of both machinery and steel industry. It should be included in the 14th Five-Year-Plan and strengthen the merger of upstream and downstream industrie that could build a modern inudstrial chain. The second step is to strengthen the coordinated innovation, energy conservation, emission reduction, green development, high end consumption and designated service. From production and industrial chain, the industries should improve their weakness and coordination between enterprises and research institutions.  

        The third step is to deepen the cooperation by taking  advantages of industrial associations to implement the merger of the industrial chains to make a win-win cooperation. The fourth is about to build a long term and future oriented mechanism. With our international vision and strategic insight, we will explore a new mutually beneficial and win-win partnership to insure the development of our industries and enterprises. 

        In the event, Wang Yaobin met enterprises to strenthen their cooperation. HBIS Supervisor and Director of Strategic Research Institute Li Yinren made a presentation of Building a Steel Service Supplier and Assist the High Quality Development Machinery Industry; HBIS Steel Research Institute Director Li Jianxin introduced HIBS products and technology services; CMIF Special Consultant, Expert Committee Deputy Director Cai Weici presented the status of machinery industry; Representatives from Weihua Group, Hengda New Energy Automobile Group, Boshi Group, and Haier Group shared their working experiences with steel suppliers. Representatives from both upstream and downstream enterprises shared their comments to steel industry, manufacturing industry, automobile, electric household appliaces. The guests also watch HBIS video and made a site visit to HBIS Tangsteel.

        The partners also launched the meisteel.mei.net.cn in the event. In the ardent applause, Yu Yong and Wang Ruixiang, together, push the button to launch the site. HBIS Sales Corporation CCP Chairan and Company President Yan Xiujun gave a presentation of the platform, which was a joint venture of HBIS and CMIF on MEI.net and dedicated to the steel products for Chinese Machinery Industry. The site will provide comprehensive, efficient, swift and high quality one stand services to manufacturing industry. This is the first site that directly connects steel mills and important steel consumers. The partners will build an iconic platform that could provide steel references and marketing indexes. The site will be a steel consumption platform for manufacturing industry.